About SunCoast EyeHealth

Founded  in 2007 by Melissa Black O.D.

Our patients are our friends too. We better serve you from getting to know who you are. We do this by personally being acquainted with all of our patients. This is our way – the SunCoast way.SunCoast EyeHealth Team

Patient Caring

Supporting our community

The SunCoast team doesn’t just work here, we also live here in Venice area. Our kids go to school here as well. We believe to become successful in helping others a company also needs to be deeply embedded in it’s local community. This helps us better understand all the residents that have chosen beautiful Venice as their hometown. We help SunCoast patients maintain the health of their eyes. This includes; diagnostics, examinations, treatment and eye surgery aftercare,

SunCoast Optometric Oath

SunCoast EyeHealth faithfully and conscientiously practices the art and science of optometry serving Venice and the greater Sarasota County in our office located at;

1435 E. Venice Avenue Suite 110, Venice, FL, 34292.

SunCoast CARES about you and we go through great strides in serving our patients with competence to the highest standards.

SunCoast EyeHealth is always here to answer your concerns or questions.

Call us (941-485-4868) or simply stop in.

SunCoast Diagnostic Room

SunCoast Diagnostic Room

SunCoast Diagnostic Room

Always On Stand-By

Call us with any questions or concerns you may have. Though over the phone is for general information, we will require that you come in to our office to better understand your needs.

Melissa Black O.D. Venice

“The strength in SunCoast is a reflection of the strength within the residents of Venice.”
Dr. Melissa Black